Designing Differently

It’s human nature to develop routines, to feel comfort in the status quo, and repeat what’s been done before. This helps with everyday living, but it kills designers whose job it is to continually innovate. So, how do you fight it? By breaking out of your rut and designing differently. The next time you are […]

Decision Making for Designers

Design indecision is usually caused by either being unclear on why you’re doing something, or you not being aware of the future impact of your options. There are two pieces of advice I give to designers that allow them to get unstuck and take action: take two steps back, and map the future. Take two […]

Why Parallel Design Works

When you create one design, the review meeting will be focused on that single idea.  If it is approved, you’re almost done.  If it isn’t approved, you’re back to the drawing board grappling with feedback and improving your idea.  Then, you’re at the second review meeting to talk about your idea.  If it’s approved, you’re […]